When I was in Paris for the first time, I had to shop at Avenue Montainge. When I was walking there I saw a woman passing me by. She had black hair in a hair knot, whore fantastic sunglasses and super high heels, and (last but not least) a top of the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008 collection, including necklace and vest. Now almost every week, I go to site's like
to see what the models/stylists/editors wear when their not on a catwalk. I love to see luxury brands on the streets, but i dont mean like:''Oh look at me with my Gucci bag'' or ''Look, it says LV like a 1000 times!''. I hate the people who wanna show of that they got something. Here, in my country, allmost all the teenagers wear fake. So its not special anymore to wear Louis Vuitton bag when you see the print on it. So thats why I LOVE to look at fashion people, they wear stuff that doesnt says:''Hey, im a Gucci bag''. The people here only now brands like: Gucci, LouisVuitton, Chanel and DsQuared... and thats it. They dont know Balmain, they dont know Yves Saint Laurent or Lanvin. They dont even look at fashion shows. And I think its funny, because everyone is wearing the fucking same stuff: Ski Jackets with fur at the hoodie from Nickelson or Moncler or one of the other 1000 stupid brands, jeans, Uggs/Gucci-or-DsQuared sneakers,LV or Gucci bag and a t-shirt with a big fake Chanel logo on it. And I think its even more funny when I walk in a luxury brand store, and they look at me like: You dont belong here, you dont wear the same stuff as everybody else. No, i dont wear the same stuff as everybody else here in Amsterdam, because I am a fashion person. Not a random teenager with logo bags and ski jackets with fur. So thats one of the reasons I wanna move to Paris or New York. I wanna move from the people who think that they got it all. So here are some very nice fashion people who wear brands but without the logo, with other famous brands like Balmain and Chloé. They made it, or are about to, make it in the fashion industry. Because they have their own style.

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