TODAY IM GOING TO LADY GAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have the time to post pictures or videos! X


So from now on I will not be posting anything for 4 days. I have a very busy week at school! The only things I have left to say is:

I want shoes
I want love
but love is dead
I love fashion instead of a human being
My heart is broken
It will be 4 ever
I want shoes
I want shoes
I want shoes


I would love new shoes! A good pair of Dior or Givenchy!




I think this girl is sooo beautifull!! I love it when a woman/model got dark brows and make-up around the eyes!

I just love this rock and roll style in Paris. No words left.



no words left. only that i had a amazing night whit my causin playing Disney Monopoly all night and go drive in her brother' car to the McDonalds. I wish a had a big brother with a car...


soon i will post some clothes i found on the internet, and some nice shopsites!
Im very busy whit school right now! But dont forget to check out my blog everyday! And tell your friends to follow me! X

Jimmy Choo for Ugg


made by me
wouldnt this just be amazing on a t-shirt? i think im gonna let it made!


I love everything about this: The house of Mary-Kate, The Brand, The Clothes, The Design, The Interior, The effects, the only thing I dont like is the music and the Zebra chair

I love this



I really dont like the fact that I live in Amsterdam, I dont see it as a fashionable city. More like a city full of tourists, young urban rap people and junks. The people that are normal or high fashionable are very rare to find here. At least for me! Because im a teenager and supposed to be around those rapkids all the time... and I HATE rap music! Sorry about that! So people who are like me, (pop music aholic, high fashion addicted, celebertylover, cityfreak and a little weirdo) are very rare to find here! Every day people tell me that im lucky, living my whole life in a world city! To me its very normal! I know lots of streets,shops,boutiques and nice places so for those of you who would like to see the part I like about Amsterdam should read this (probably) famous adresses here in the city of sex, drugs and gays.

STREETS: (Straat = Street)
P.C. Hoofdstraat
High Fashion street whit brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Valentino, D&G, Gucci, Burberry, Mulberry, Tods, you name it! Except Dior! :(

Very simple whit regular stuff and shops

Right between the Kalverstraat and LeidseSquare, including very nice cute shops, regular stuff and some high fashion shoe shops and glasses store's!

Negen Straatjes (The 9 Streets)
Are 9 streets between almost all the famous canals of Amsterdam, it has very nice little shops like Skin Cosmetics (where they sell very nice perfume brands like Diptyque and other famous perfume and make-up brands)

Bijenkorf @ Dam Square
High Fashion department store whit (new) mini-shops like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Fendi Hermes and Salvatore Ferragamo

Maison De Bonneterie
High Fashion chic department store whit brands like Ralph Lauren, Scapa Sports, Karl Lagerfield and D&G

At the end of the Kalverstreet

Metz & CO.
High Fashion department store whit brands like Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, D&G, Burberry and many others!

Magna Plaza
Department Store whit simple shops, food shops, tourist shops and some high fashion shops

But these are just some shops and streets I am very much, when Im shopping.
You should also check out the canals and red light district! Spots where I never show my face off haha! Or for an old Amsterdam feeling you should check out The Jordaan District!
When you look at a map you think it will all be a miles to walk from place to place, but everything in Amsterdam is very close to each other! You just need to know the way very well! Oh and please watch the traffic, alot of tourists dont and Dutch people hate bad tourist's.
As you can see I dont go to coffee shops or the red light district, or go out in wild clubs, but im not that type of person so if you want that adresses you should checkout a other blog, by somebody who is supposed to life in Amsterdam, my destiny is to live in Paris so I live in the wrong city right now! Haha!
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