I am bored...

O sir why dont you tell me whats good and whats bad?
O sir why dont you give me what i never had?
O sir why dont you listen to me all night?
O sir please tell me whats right.

I LOVE the models of the 90's!!!

These pictures of old fashion magazine's still look amazing, especially the models!
I LOVE them! They are icons, Super hero's,

All the outfits in this video are by Thierry Mulger!

All pictures: unknown

Where I lost my hapiness

I forgot my happiness in Paris & Disneyland Paris.
I need to go back there to take it home... but i know me,
when im home i will say i LOST them! So i need to spend the rest of my life there to find it!

Inspiration Pictures of Today

1.My causin Danitra trying on earings on skype!
2.I love this picture from the 90's of John Travolta dancing whit Princess Diana
3.A lovely Picture of a lovely issue of Vogue Paris

2. & 3. ???


My Love: Ladurée

I dont believe in Love. I dont wanna be someone's property.
I dont wanna have the feeling of needing someone at a human being.
So that's why I love other things. Like Fashion,Vogue,Music,Art,Blogs,Sweetfood,Shoes,Paris and Ladurée.
I LOVE Ladurée, everytime im in Paris i grab alot of those delicious macarons.
I always pick Vanilla (because it taste's like Vanilla Ice Cream!) & Chocolate (because im an choc-a-holic). I have so much regrets of not eating the other flavours.I would love to taste Rose, Liquorice, and lots of others!


All pictures: ???